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          Upcoming Events & Travel


          城镇周围圣徒 - 1月23日

          Join your former Carroll classmates and friends on Thursday, January 23rd at the Lewis & Clark Brewery! 

          Food, fun and a lot of reminiscing will make you glad you attended this event!  The Lewis & Clark offers a wide variety of micro-brews and wine if you are interested in purchasing refreshments.  We will begin at 5:30 - we look forward to seeing you there!

          辛西娅Thornquist让知道你是否会在23日的集会称她在406.447.5185或发送电子邮件时她 alumni@carroll.edu !


          校友活动 - 保存日期!

          丹佛,科罗拉多州 - 3月10日 - 回来检查活动场地和细节!

          俄勒冈州波特兰 - 3月12日 - 回来检查活动场地和细节!

          西雅图 - 3月14日

          Join your fellow alumni and friends at the Newport Hills Swim & Tennis Club, 5464 119th Avenue SE, Bellevue, Washington for food, drinks and prizes!  There will also be an opportunity to donate towards the College's need for a new ATV snowplow!  The event begins at 6:30 - please RSVP to maryl@seanet.com or call the 校友 Legends at 206-755-5051.




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