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          Activities & Organizations

          Hiking. Biking. Fishing. Outdoor movies. Cheering on the Fighting Saints. Stargazing at the Observatory. The Lit Festival. Open mic nights. Intramurals. Live music. Softball weekend. Junior-Senior Dance. This is life at Carroll.

          Student Activities 和 Organizations at Carroll College

          Student Clubs
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          Carroll Adventure 和 Mountaineering Program (CAMP)

          Organized Sports

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          Campus Ministry
          Campus Ministry offers you the perfect outlet to strengthen your faith and live your spirit during your time at Carroll. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in retreats, community service, group activities, Mass, 和 much more.


          Urinetown, Blue Stockings, The Lion, The Witch 和 the Wardrobe.

          Student Government
          Part of what makes Carroll such a special place is the way our students invest themselves in our community and culture. Student Government offers exceptional opportunities for you to develop leadership skills 和 let student voices be heard.



          For more information, please contact:  

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