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          校园事 Mission

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          校园事 at Carroll College

          Through 校园事, you’ll be able to do all of these things and more.


          Campus Ministry also serves as the college's connection to the Diocese of Helena and to the bishop of the Diocese of Helena. Each semester, 校园事 sponsors a question-and-answer session for Carroll students with Bishop George Leo Thomas at a local coffee shop.







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          同行部长 are students who live in the residence halls and strive to build community and create a positive atmosphere for fellow students by encouraging them to embrace their relationship with God during their time at Carroll and beyond.

          To learn more about 校园事, contact our 校园事 staff.


          Men's and Women's Retreat

          The Men's and Women's 务虚会 (January 24-26, 2020) are a great opportunity for the men and women to gather off-campus separately to discuss how we as can grow closer to God.

          Peer Minister Application
          应用 to be a Peer Minister! Applications due January 30.

          Spring Headlights
          Over Spring Break (January 5-9), we will be traveling to our 校园事 Headlights trips will be going to East LA, Denver, and Chicago for a Headlights Immersion experience.  Learn more and register online

          校园事 App

          Download the campus ministry app and stay afloat of our events, mass times, teachings, and more!




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          Photo of Saint John Paul II with quote

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